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Occasionally we are asked, "Why do you rescue these dogs?" and sometimes we even find ourselves asking, why? There are times when monies are low and there are ten times the dogs as we have foster homes and the deck just seems stacked against us. Then, we meet dogs like Clarence and Bob. It's these dogs -- the basset hounds at the end of their rope, the ones hoping for a loving hand and a desperately needing a caring family to treat them like they should.
We would like to tell you about two dogs of these dogs so you know why we do what we do and why we need donations in order to save these beautiful basset hounds.

When Bob came to HHBR he was a five year old basset hound who had led a life of want. He was removed from his owners' home for abuse and neglect. When he was finally taken in by animal control, he weighed less than 30 pounds. A basset of Bob's stature should weigh more than 60 pounds. The neglect was so severe the veterinarians that evaluated Bob were not sure he could be saved; sometimes there is just nothing that can be done. However, one vet agreed to take a chance, and Bob's treatment began.
Bob's first three days were touch and go as he was receiving 24-hour IV therapy. Slowly, he began to regain strength and start to eat again. After three weeks in the hospital, he was released to a foster home to continue his battle to recover. As Bob's healing continued, an amazing dog began to emerge. After rehabilitation in a loving foster home, Bob got the best Christmas present ever - a new loving home.


Clarence was named after the angel in It's a Wonderful Life. He too was looking for someone to save him. Attacked by the dog he lived with, Clarence was then surrendered to animal control.
Clarence's ear was cut from just below the ear canal all the way to the tip -- on the inside and outside of his ear flap. He was bitten in the neck and right side of his face. Some of the bites penetrated his mouth tissue and he had punctures inside his mouth. Our vet said he was very lucky that his right eye wasn't bitten as well. In addition to the two long lacerations in his ear there are several smaller puncture wounds. Clarence had a long road ahead of him and we by trying everything medical possible we were able to save his right ear. The vet at the shelter had recommended that it be removed. Too add to Clarence's hardships he was heartworm positive. We chose to treat him for that as well. His medical bills were large, but Clarence deserved a chance to live a good life. After an extended stay in a great foster home, Clarence went a loving forever family and even got his own recliner to nap in!!!

Bob and Clarence are only two of HHBR's success stories. We have hundreds, but we only have success as far as our resources can take us. All a rescued basset wants is someone to give them a safe place to be -- a tummy rub as they fall asleep - food on a regular basis - a walk to explore - and some family to call their own.
So next time you ask, "Why these dogs," please remember Clarence and Bob and understand why we ask for your donations and what each dollar can mean.

Please remember Bob and Clarence and donate if you can so we can keep helping bassets in Central Texas.

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Do you have room in your heart and home for a homeless basset? We need more foster homes to provide a loving stable environment for basset hounds in need. Helping Hands takes care of the vet bills and the foster provides room and board and a family home for the needy basset until the dog is adopted. Fosters also bring the dog to our monthly Meet & Greet the first Saturday of each month. Its a job with a big reward -- knowing you've help save a basset from a bad situation and helped them find a forever loving home! Click here to fill out a foster care application. For more information .