Become a foster home for Bassets in need.
It's our goal to have all the Bassets in our program in a foster home so they will be in an environment where they will have a caring family to keep them safe and happy while waiting for their forever home. You may have some concerns about fostering homeless Bassets, and the following answers are provided to help you make an informed decision:
What is required to become a foster home?

"I just don't have the time or space for another dog."

If you already have a dog, an extra bowl of food, treats, and time spent with the basset can
be managed with not much addition to your existing schedule and resources. Instead of taking one dog for a walk you'll have two companions. The space needed by your foster basset is just a blanket on the floor, in a warm place in your house so that it has a place to take a nap.

"I don't think my dog(s) would get along with a new dog."
In most cases your dog won't be bothered by the presence of a new dog. Dogs are pack animals and usually enjoy the company of other dogs. Your dog can entertain the foster and help them learn the rules of the house. Dogs, like people, have their likes and dislikes in personalities. If it happens that your dog and the foster are at odds, arrangements will be made as soon as possible to move the basset to another foster home.

"I wouldn't be able to give up the foster."

This can be difficult for some people. Try to stay focused and remember why you are fostering. You want to help a homeless basset find a forever home of his/her own. Another one will need your home later and you want to be able to take it. If you ever need advice just contact the Helping Hands Basset Rescue Group. We want to share our advice and to listen to your concerns as well.

"How do I find a home for my foster?"
This last one you don't have to worry about. People contact HHBR when they want to adopt a basset. When a good home is found for your foster basset, you will be contacted with the details.

Please, consider opening your home to one of our needy basset hounds. If you love dogs, fostering will be one of the most satisfying, and rewarding experiences for you. You'll feel good about making a difference in the lives of these homeless pets. To volunteer just click on the button above and fill out the online form. To get more fostering information please email our group.