Because we are an independent non-profit organization, we are funded solely on the generous donations of people who love dogs -- especially bassets. Your donations are much needed and much appreciated. All donations go towards the expensive medical care of our bassets. Many of the bassets that come to us are heartworm positive ($250 - $300 for treatment), need to be spayed or neutered ($25 - $35), need vaccinations ($15 - $45), an ear cleaning ($18), a heartworm test ($20), fecal exam for intestinal parasites ($10), an office visit (each one is $15 - $25)and various other treatments (tumor removal, mange treatment, etc) which all have their varying costs. Our veterinarians have been generous enough to give us a reduced cost on medical care, but it is still quite expensive. Each basset is averaging $300 - $500 worth of treatment.
That is where you come in! You can help by sending us a tax deductible donation.

We do have some office supply needs from time to time. We can always use printer paper, mailing labels and printer cartridges. Otherwise we have to use our funds to buy the necessary supplies that go into maintaining the paperwork and mailing lists. Please contact us so we can discuss what we need. Thank you for any help that you can give us. Call us at: 512/218-8883 Or e-mail We also now accept PayPal.
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Lend a Helping Hand
We at Helping Hands Basset Rescue appreciate any help you can provide. It can be lots of work to care for, nurture back to health (in some cases), and find good homes for Basset Hounds. But, it is a rewarding service which is why we took on the responsibility.

Taking in these needy pets requires resources from the time they are brought into Helping Hands to the time that they are placed into a welcoming and caring family. In light of that, for the Basset Hounds' sake we ask that you lend a helping hand to Bassets that aren't as fortunate as maybe your own dog. Just a small donation can feed one of these homeless pets for several weeks.

Others Ways You Can Help
We would be interested in anyone who can render veterinarian services for bassets that need that extra special care because of illness or other health condition that warrants attention. We would appreciate it very much if you can provide reduced rates on your services, or if you can donate services from time to time. Call us at 512-218-8883, or email us at webmaster if you can help in that capacity.